msg is the bomb (unknownid) wrote,
msg is the bomb

on the discovery of digital watches.

why did no one tell me about digital watches?

i love my love with a D, for it is Digital and it tells me the Date.

it has an alarm. it has a stopwatch so i can see exactly how long the bacon's been in the oven (otherwise known as the Bacon Button). it beeps every hour on the hour, just to let me know that it loves me.

i've thought about turning off the beep, but i am not ashamed of my watch. besides, i'm the last one in the hemisphere who doesn't own a mobile phone. i figure i'm entitled to cause my mite of noise pollution.

i feel like such a dupe for living all these years without a digital watch. i blame society.


in other news:
various problems are swiftly being resolved so that
we can attend triskellian and smiorgan's wedding!

woo! also, hoo!

very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as humanly possible.

does anyone know if it's more sensible to stay in Oxford or in Wantage?
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