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accomodations: check.

Sept 8-11 we'll be staying near Marble Arch. All I can remember about Marble Arch is that it's where the Oxford Tube lets you off. So that's okay, then.

Sept 11-14 we're in Oxford, on Banbury Road in Summertown, at a bed & breakfast that distinctly exudes l'air d'homosexualitie. Plus, breakfast!

So far, items on our itinerary are few: see the costume exhibit at the V&A. um, okay, are one. Possibly see the Globe Theatre all-female production of "Much Ado About Nothing" (which I have neither seen nor read, so fun). Trawl Camden to buy E some DMs. Meet up with some London fangirls. From Oxford, possibly day-trip out to Bath and think Jane Austeny thoughts.

If any of you have suggestions or would like to join in any of these excursions/endeavors, lemme know! Am hoping to have many Camuses around, at least for the first half. Happily, girlfriend's asthma is being drugged into submission as we speak; it may not be impossible to enter a house with cats.

Now must finish laying out High Holy Days program. I know I shouldn't have spent a million years completely regenerating the shul's logo from scratch, but the version they had was crap resolution and I just. couldn't. take it. no ma'am I could not.
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