msg is the bomb (unknownid) wrote,
msg is the bomb

am home!

had a lovely time.

highlights included:
  • hanging around drinking lathany's coffee and lazily talking about Things and arguing about credit cards with bateleur
  • acting as a climbing frame for two extremely engaging two-year-olds
  • watching the first three episodes of Alias, which i had never seen
  • having lunch with a charming curator at the Imperial War Museum (who happens to be a slasher)
  • having dinner with an equally charming classicist from St. Hilda's (who also happens to be a slasher. my fandom has INTELLEKSCHULS.)
  • going to Selfridge's and getting a proper bra fitting from a terrifying lady. scene:
    Selfridge's Lady: *gazes critically at my bosom, names a size*
    Me: Oh, no, that can't be right, the one I'm wearing is *names much different size*
    SL: And it looks horrendous.
    Me: *whimper*
    It was like $60, but I bought the damn bra. and I have to admit, it fits like nothing i have ever worn.
  • accidentally walking a gazillion miles to my Oxford B&B (read three, but that's a lot given that i am very very lazy)
  • going to my beloved Tesco's,although i was crushed to discover that they have discontinued my favorite mushroom-and-marscapone pasta sauce
  • soaking up the vast zen-y indifference of the Icelandair employees. i have this theory that they're just a leeeeetle bitter about whoring out Reyjkavik for the pleasure of America and the rest of Europe.
  • coming home to my waggy dog and sweet-smelling girlfriend and feeling like no matter how much fun i had i never, ever want to leave again.

there was something else.. what was it?

oh, yeah.

attending the nuptial festivities of triskellian and smiorgan!

the ceremony was entirely reflective of the bride and groom: warm, unpretentious, and full of love. a wonderful affair on many different levels. i'm so glad i was able to be there. and triskellian was just adorable later in the evening wearing her big ballgown skirt and a tight black t-shirt (after the gown bodice exploded)...

the ceremony provoked a fair number of Deep Thoughts about marriage, but i'll leave those for another post, as they really have no place in this one.

in other news:
anyone know anyone who's an actuary?
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