msg is the bomb (unknownid) wrote,
msg is the bomb

gosh but my subconscious is unsubtle.

Last night I dreamed that I saw Mae's funny little crooked tail disappearing around a corner. I yelled and went running after her, but she was gone. Gee, whatever can it mean?
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How are you doing?
okay. unsurprisingly, both E and I have also been sick this week -- me with a raging sinus infection, her with a chest infection. so between that and the constant crying it's been a mucus-filled week at our household.

it's all getting better, though. i seem to be randomly bursting into tears fewer times each day. also less with the mucus. mornings still suck, as we had a very set and cherished morning routine that involved Mae, and her absence is aching. during the day it's not so bad, since I didn't see her when I was at work anyway.

thanks for asking.
owwwwwww my girls. Love love love.
Argh! Incoherent sympathy....
*hug* i miss you guys. we should plan that picnic soon!

still sad, though. heh, you'd be surprised how many people DON'T always understand dreams like that. hopefully next time she comes to visit you in a dream, she'll stick around and cuddle.
someday that'd be nice. but actually, i was really relieved that my subconscious seems to be twigging that she's dead. the last thing i want is a bunch of "it was all a big mistake and Mae's still alive" dreams. i've had wish-fulfillment dreams, and feel that the real suckiness of waking up and finding them not true outweighs the dream-happiness.